Bramhastra Capsule (90 Cap)

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Bramhastra Capsule (90 Cap)
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Creates Antibodies and Best Food Supplement
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                                              BRAMHASTRA CAPULES

"Colostrum is literally Mother Nature's very first, life sustaining Super Food..."


Organic Cow Colostrum Benefits

In the late 18th Century, scientists first began to research Colostrum. Today, there are literally thousands of published studies detailing a wide range of Cow Colostrum benefits from great health and wellness to superior athletic performance. It Contains Immune Factors, Growth Factors and Nutritional components. Predominant immunoglobulin’s gives miraculous results in Autoimmune Diseases. Presence of Lactoferrin shows an anti-viral, anti-bacterial& anti-inflammatory properties.

Lactalbumins can be effective against numerous forms of Cancer. Growth Factors play a role in wound healing, the repair of broken bones, injured tendons & ligaments. They facilitate the healing of tissues damaged by ulcers, trauma, burns, surgery or inflammatory disease.


Usage: All types of Infections, Allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, HIV, Skin diseases including Psoriasis, Diseases of Respiratory, Digestive-Indigestion to diarrhea, Cardiac (Heart) & Urinary system. Fractures, Brain Diseases-paralysis, Eye, Ear & Throat diseases like Thyroid. It is also helpful in Dental care. Adjuvant to Chemo therapy & Radio therapy in Cancer.


• Strengthen the immune system

• Improve muscle mass to body fat ratio

• Kill fungi, bacteria, viruses, candida cleanse

• Combat depression and enhance mood

• Reduce allergic reactions

• Balance blood sugar

• Rejuvenate skin and muscle tissue

• Support healthy joint and cartilage function

• Promote healthy intestinal flora

• Accelerate healing of injury or trauma

• Increase endurance and workload capacity


  1. Colostrum is the powerful, nutrient-rich "first milk" a mother produces just after giving birth, providing a supercharged blend of vital proteins, antibodies, antioxidants, immunoglobulin’s, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.
  2. Colostrum has 97 immune factors, & 87 growth factors (bio-identical hormones and hormone precursors). Colostrum contains different probiotics and prebiotics which help to rebuild and rejuvenate your body by promoting healthy human growth hormone (HGH) production.
  3. Indian Cow colostrum is actually 40 times richer in immune factors than human colostrum. Human colostrum contains 2% of IgG (immuno-globulin G) while cow colostrum contains 86% of IgG, the most important of the immuno-globulins found in the body.
  4. Proline rich peptides (PRP's) act as hormones that regulate the thymus gland & help modulate the immune system. PRP's promote better functioning of T-lymphocytes, they help produce cytokines, they stimulate the activity of natural killer cells (NK cells) & they stimulate & modulate many other immunological functions. What makes cow colostrum one of the best anti-aging foods is that PRP's increase the permeability of blood vessels in the skin, resulting in the improved uptake of nutrients into the skin which results in a healthier & more youthful complexion !
  5. Lactoperoxidase - an enzyme that acts as an anti-microbial agent, found in colostrum. Prevent the proliferation of bad bacteria. Colostrum benefits your oral health if you let it dissolve in your mouth around your gums. This can prevent or even treat Gingivitis and may be able to help re-grow a receding gum-line. Lactoperoxidase has also been shown to stimulate macrophages (white blood cells) to gobble up cancer cells present in the body.
  6. Naturally occurring lGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) could be considered the crown jewel as to why cow colostrum benefits human longevity potential so well. Most potent natural activators of the AKT signaling pathway, a stimulator of cell growth and proliferation, and a potent inhibitor of programmed cell death. (this helps combat the metabolic effects of aging).
  7. Cows' colostrum contains special glycoproteins that are extremely effective at protecting the immune and growth factors in colostrum from destruction by adult human digestive enzymes.
  8. Lactose -In bovine colostrum it is 5.9-15 grams/100grams. Minimal Dose of Lactose to cause symptoms is 50 grams. Studies have confirmed that almost everyone, including Individuals who are lactose intolerant, can easily tolerate up to 12grams of colostrum per day without any negative effects. In short Individuals who are lactose intolerant can most likely tolerate the recommended daily 2-4 capsules.
  9. Ours is a Whole Colostrum which has nearly 25% fat content. Fat in colostrum becomes extremely important when the colostrum is processed and dried . The biological activity of the immunoglobins is protected. All the oil soluble vitamins are retained & insulin which is naturally present in Colostrum is also loosely associated with fat.
  10. Low heat processing, as well as laboratory testing to insure biological integrity & safety are the rigid standards set for our colostrum. High quality Colostrum must be certified to contain a minimum of 16% immunoglobulins. Our Colostrum is produced in an FSSAI,HACCP,ISO 22000:2005 approved facility and has been assayed at 30+% IgG



Dose : 3 tablets in morning preferably on empty stomach.


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